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Pampalone - il-peccato-filosofico-copertinaAntonella Pampalone

Il “peccato filosofico” di Pietro Gabrielli.
L’arte fra mito e realtà a palazzo Taverna nei dipinti di G. Brandi, D. Seiter, Ph. P. Roos, B. Lamberti

ISBN 978-88-901812-2-1
pp. 152 a colori

Brossura cucita filo refe, stampato in Minion Pro su carta Classic Demimatt 130 gr.

This book is a miracle about miracles.  The scion of an ancient and fabulously wealthy Roman family, Pietro Gabrielli, who became a Canon of Peter’s, occupied the grandest palace in Rome and had it decorated with a great series of paintings from ancient mythology which alluded to  themes of mystical, occult and astrological import.  Gabrielli was a leading intellectual of his day, well aware of the latest trends of philosophical and theological thought, which led to his condemnation and imprisonment.  Pampalone’s encyclopedic knowledge of the historical, philosophical and religious issues that announced at the end of the seventeeth century the birth a new, modern age of rational thinking, make her work a triumph that rivals the great Warburg tradition of iconology, the study of the meaning of images.

Irving Lavin

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